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FWD, Young Gun V8 – YGV8, Crown Vic -CV, Pure Stock- PS,

Thunder Bomber - TB, Renegade Sportsman - RS,

Street Stock - SS

* We will have some Saturday events which are highlighted in 



Friday, June 7th – FWD, CV, PS, TB, RS, Mid East SS

Friday, June 14th –  FWD, CV, PS, RS, TB – Bomber Wars Rd3

Friday, June 21st – Rookies, FWD, CV, PS, TB, Mid East Open Wheel Mods


Friday, July 5th – Meet n Greet and Firework Show


Friday, July 12th – Rookies, FWD, CV, TB, PS, RS, Carolina Sprint

Friday, July 19 – Rain Date IF Needed

Friday, July 26th –  FWD, CV, PS, TB, RS, Sharp Mini


Friday & Saturday, August 9th & 10th

  • 9th: Open Practice

  • 10th: Rookies, FWD, PS, TB, American Big Rigs

Friday, August 16th – YGV8, FWD, CV, PS, TB, RS, SS

Friday, August 23rd – Rookies, FWD, CV, PS, TB- Bomber Wars Rd5, RS, Outlaw Wedge Late Mod

Friday, August 30th – YGV8, FWD, CV, PS, TB, River Wars SS


Saturday, Sept 6th & 7th

  • 6th: Open Practice

  • 7th: Rookies, FWD, PS, TB, RS, Blue Ridge Outlaw LM

Friday & Saturday, Sept 27 & 28th  - Robert Bradley  “Night of Champions”

  • 27th : Open Practice

  • 28th: FWD, CV, PS, TB- Bomber Wars Final Rd, RS, SS, Vintage

Friday & Saturday, October 18th & 19th – Stock 4, MMSA, Rookies, Sharp Mini, CV

Friday & Saturday, November 22 & 23rd – Thanksgiving Thunder V8 Nationals

PS, TB, RS, SS, Vintage

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